Dear Wake County Citizens,

The Wake County Annual Report gives residents an opportunity to take pride in the accomplishments of our County throughout the past year. As Chair of the Wake County Board of Commissioners, I'm honored and privileged to share these highlights with you.

While reading this report, be sure to follow the links to go directly to online details about county programs and services. If you would prefer, we've also included a list of frequently called numbers under the resources tab at the top of the page.

Also be sure to visit our newly redesigned website at to learn about all that your county government is doing for you, and access online services such as registering to vote and applying for grants.

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You can find print copies of the

2012 Annual Report at various County locations, including parks, libraries and Human Services.

Thank you for being part of our county.

Paul Coble signature

Paul Coble, Chair
Wake County Board of Commissioners

Joe Bryan
District One

Phil Matthews
District Two

Tony Gurley
District Three

Ervin Portman
District Four

James West
District Five

Betty Lou Ward
District Six

Paul Coble
District Seven